Monday, February 11, 2013

A Valentine Dress

I 've made so many of these T-shirt dresses while my daughter was growing up. There are a ton of tutorials to learn how to do this easy and quick sewing project.  Here is the latest version that I made for some special ladies to wear to school on Valentine's Day.  I foo fooed it up a bit by double layering it, adding ribbon & lace on the top layer. The double layer fabric was so thick that I had to do the zig zag over a string method for gathering the skirt.  I also added a side bow with a heart shaped button in the center.  For the top, I referred to one of my pins from this site
What I like about the T-shirt dresses is that you can wear a dress that is festive and fun but not have it to fancy and be comfortable enough to run and play.
Happy Valentine's Day!

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