Monday, March 29, 2010

My office is decorated

I finally must be at a point in my life where I can decorate a room in our home instead of wishing it was. The upstairs office was shared by my husband & I. It was getting too crowded & too noisy to carry on phone conversations with both of us in there. Since my husband actually uses his office for his job, he decided he would have a quiter enviroment downstairs. So we moved him down into the "Man Cave." Now I have a work table, a cubby for my paper supplies and a work bench. It also is has a twin bed for guests. Very nice!
The bins are from our barn, where the previous owners raised baby pigs, there is about 18 of them in there, nailed up in rows. I really don't know what they were used for, if anyone knows, please tell me. DH pried them off the wall, I scrubbed the dirt out of them and now they make great holders for my card making supplies. The mirror/now chalkboard came from an old cook house at our previous property. I did not paint it or antique it at all. The flourish is a wall mural that I painted over my desk.

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