Friday, September 18, 2009

All In The Family

Another one of Jeremy's creations. He made this planter for Mother's Day this year. It will not blow away in the wind storms. The half dead geraniums don't do it justice.
Dorothy sent me her collcection of photos of her quilts!

That is a lot of sewing!
Thanks for letting us see!

Dennis sent photos of his welding art. Too cool!

Thanks for sharing Dennis!

Other pieces around the yard

Throughout our yard, I realized I have a lot of representations of family members. Their work and creations are much appreciated. The first one is from brother David, I have always enjoyed this whimsical frog hanging on to the moon. The next 2 are from our son, Jeremy, he is just starting to shower us with his talent. The mailbox is from Barb, my sister and the sunflower, that is made from scrap metal is from my other brother, Dennis.

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